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Managed Information Security

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an important piece of any organisation’s security strategy. Understanding this, Diamond Cyber offers managed Information Security with Over-Watch, our SIEM as a Service platform, to provide system wide surveillance with precision response.

A SIEM provides businesses valuable insight into threats and attacks and assists in protecting business operations, intellectual property, and ensures compliance obligations and availability of key online services.

Diamond’s Over-Watch platform provides security surveillance services for your network just like a Special Forces Sniper team covers the battlefield. With surveillance and precision response options, we detect malicious activity to prevent cyber-attacks.

Why Over-Watch?

A SIEM can be a difficult capability to achieve for small to medium sized businesses given the need for dedicated infrastructure and highly specialised personnel. Despite this, many industry regulations require business to conduct security monitoring and log management to ensure the integrity of their systems. Over-Watch simplifies security and assists your business to:

  • Reduce cyber risk by early detection of cyber intrusions
  • Defend against current cyber threats
  • Investigate past incidents
  • Simplify compliance reporting to streamline audits.
Managed Information Security