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Incident Response

Incident Response is the process of responding to and recovering from a cyber incident or attack. When your business experiences a cyber-attack or security breach it is critical to respond immediately. Diamond Cyber Security maintains a highly skilled Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) staffed by experienced cyber operators capable of identifying, analysing, containing and eradicating cyber intrusions to your network.

The extent of the breach will determine the level of response. Your response must be thorough and effective, and reinstate confidence with investors, customers and regulators to show the business is taking steps to reduce any impact and provide a solution.

Our CIRT service provides the assurance businesses need to ensure continuance of operations even in the current high threat environment.

CIRT Capability

The CIRT capability is a structured response to addressing and managing a security breach or attack. Our goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage, reduces recovery time and controls the cost of recovery. The Diamond Cyber Security CIRT processes are drawn from the NIST 800-61 methodology.

During an engagement one of our experienced operators will be assigned to provide incident management, bringing together your internal staff, relevant third-parties and dedicated technical assistance from the CIRT.

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CIRT Operation

We work with you to conduct specialist analysis, identify the impact to your business and provide regular remediation advice. Through a combination of evidence protection and forensically sound investigation, our consultants can:

  • Determine the extent of infiltration
  • Determine how the incident or breach occurred, by understanding the initial vector of attack and compromise
  • Determine the capabilities & activity of a threat actor
  • Contain and then eradicate the intrusion and/or infection, and
  • Identify the remedial action required to restore your business to normal operations

CIRT Service Types:


24 x 7 CIRT Dedicated

An attack, breach or loss of your data can occur at any time. The Diamond Cyber Security CIRT 24×7 Critical Incident Response service ensures that no matter what time of day, or what day of the year you are compromised, help is only a ‘golden hour’ away.

Your subscription to the CIRT 24×7 service ensures you have a dedicated team who is familiar with your network and business. Your CIRT team is ready to be on the inside of your network within an hour of your call to Diamond Cyber Security.


Dedicated 24/7 support may not be needed, however cyber-attacks can occur at any time and so our CIRT also offers a business hours’ response option.