Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management involves the identification, analysis and treatment of risks caused by cyber events that can negatively impact business operations.

Our appreciation of the Cyber Risk Management space considers not only the Technology domain, but also the People and Processes elements of the cyber landscape and the risks they can pose. Our team is experienced in the major industry frameworks and standards.

The cyber threat is dynamic, with the causes contributing to cyber risk changing constantly. Effective cyber-risk monitoring must focus on building a sustainable and resilient approach to dynamically adjust in real time the organisation’s risk posture. Diamond Cyber Security can assist your organisation to establish an intelligence led approach to cyber risk assessment.

Our process will allow you to make strategic, well-informed decisions on control implementation to maximise value from your security investments.

Our Cyber Risk Management Services include:

  • Cyber Risk Frameworks: Design and Implementation
  • Security Policy Design and Control Implementation
  • Risk Assessment Expertise
  • Cyber Risk Auditing & Control Validation

Cyber Risk Frameworks: Design and Implementation

Good governance of cyber risk requires a simple and effective framework to guide your organisation. Diamond Cyber Security are experienced in globally recognised Cyber Risk Management Frameworks, and can tailor the design and implementation according to your enterprises’ needs.

NIST CSF (Cyber Security Framework)

Originally developed for critical infrastructure organisations, the NIST CSF is being widely adopted in enterprises for their Cyber Risk Management strategies. The NIST CSF allows enterprises to Identify, Detect, Protect, Respond and Recover from cyber security risks and incidents.

NIST Cyber Security Framework

We Tailor to Your Organisation

Our team has assisted enterprises design and implement customised Framework and Governance structures based on client needs, with enterprise experience from sectors including Mining and Resources, Oil & Gas, Management Consulting and the Public Sector (Government).

bespoke security

Security Policy Design and Control Implementation

Security policies provide the basis for implementing your security controls and sets the security expectations for an organisations’ security culture.

Our team has collective experience in public and private enterprise and can advise on industry best-of-breed policies and practices obtained from internationally recognised security standards including:

  • ISO27001
  • NIST SP 800 Series
  • ASD Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber Intrusions (i.e. ASD Top 4)
  • ANSI 62443 (ISA 99)

Risk Assessments

To correctly understand the level of risk posed to your organisation, a thorough understanding of cyber threats is required. DCS can provide expertise to lead, facilitate or support your cyber risk assessment activities.

When we conduct risk assessments, we consider the People and Processes that supports any Technology to provide a comprehensive understanding of your risk profile

Cyber Risk Auditing and Control Validation

We conduct independent third party cyber risk auditing to assess and understand your level of compliance with internally set benchmarks and standards. We pride ourselves on providing practical, actionable advice and recommendations that will decrease your exposure to cyber risk.