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The Diamond Difference

The need for more skilled, agile and proactive information security services has never been more apparent, with more than a four-fold increase in reported attacks in just the last five years, and more and more high profile, and highly damaging, breaches occurring in the last 12 months.

Our approach to assessing a client’s security landscape allows us to quickly identify the areas of greatest threat, be it within the people, processes or technology, to define the steps necessary to mitigate the associated risks, and to then remediate the exposure through a program of robust standards and methods, returning the most value and return of investment to client.

information security services

Information Security Services

The methods employed by Diamond Cyber are truly scalable, and can be applied to an individual target area, or used to drive the comprehensive review and remediation of total enterprise security.

  • Provision of a structured, comprehensive view of risk as a complete domain
  • Scalable solutions from a high level assessment, to a deep dive analysis of people, process, environment and technology
  • Delivery of a systematic study of holistic security services with an absolute focus on delivering business value and managing risk
  • Development of a trusted partnership with your best interests at the root of all that we do


Cyber Risk Management

Our appreciation of the Cyber Risk Management space considers not only the Technology domain, but also the People and Processes elements of the cyber landscape and the risks they can pose. Our team is experienced in the major industry frameworks and standards.

NIST Cyber Security Framework
Penetration Testing Perth

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing Service assesses people, infrastructure, networks, mobile and applications. This form of assessment is fundamental to a successful cyber security strategy.
We provide the evidence and foresight for you to make smart, effective decisions about the security of your business networks and information.

Incident Response

Incident Response is the process of responding to and recovering from a cyber incident or attack. Our Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) service provides the assurance businesses need to ensure continuance of operations even in the current high threat environment.

Security Architecture Perth
Cyber Security Intelligence

Information Security Monitoring

Diamond Cyber Security offers Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a Service with our Over-Watch platform to provide system wide surveillance with precision response.

Diamond’s Over-Watch platform provides security surveillance services for your network just like a Special Forces Sniper team covers the battlefield. With surveillance and precision response options, we detect malicious activity to prevent cyber-attacks.

Awareness, Education & Training

The modern cyber threat continues to evolve, developing new methodologies to target and disrupt legitimate business operations. To meet the challenge of the evolving threat landscape; commercial organisation must raise awareness of cyber issues with their management and workforce; educate on how to deal with the threat and provide simple and practical training that reinforces education.