Information Security Career | Diamond Cyber Security

Your Information Security Career and What We Have to Offer YOU

We are looking to build a truly world class team of individuals, who are recognised for their collective ability, and who consistently deliver the desired outcomes for our clients while further developing their Information Security career.

To join the team, you will be expected to live and breathe our values of Excellence, Integrity, Culture and Humility, and to maintain our focus on Reputation.

  • We empower our people, regardless of seniority, with the ability to shape the future direction of the Company – Trust
  • With more than 150 years of technical, corporate, government and military experience in our founding members, we have strong and enduring relationships across the cyber security industry – Knowledge
  • We will tightly integrate you into a high caliber, hand selected team and expect you to professionally hold your own – Challenge
  • You will be judged on your performance, every time – Reputation
  • We will expose you to technical capability not found anywhere else in this industry, and support your own personal development – Experience